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Serving Sterling Heights Families

Dr. Sudomir’s top priority is providing comprehensive, professional dental health care to your entire family. He and his team know that means understanding the needs of our smallest patients. To ensure they enjoy good dental health for their lifetime, it is important that children are encouraged to learn the importance of proper dental care. In our friendly and caring environment, we teach children the skills that allow them to take an active role their dental health by learning how to brush and floss. We make dental education for Sterling Heights families fun and engaging!

Do want to help your child develop a healthy dental care habits? We have a few suggestions to share:

  • Explain
    Talk to your child about why brushing and flossing are very important. Use simple ideas, like saying that proper brushing keeps their smile bright and shiny. Tell them how there is sugar in the foods they eat and drink, and how that sugar can stick to their teeth and make them sick if it isn’t brushed away.
  • Show
    Children learn by imitation. Show your child how you brush and floss your own teeth, and explain what you are doing during each stage. When your children begin brushing, help them until they learn to do it by themselves. Let your child brush her own teeth first, and then brush her teeth yourself to get the areas she may have missed.
  • Keep it fun
    A trip to the dentist can be stressful for children. When you are bringing them to our office, keep your conversation light and positive. Focus on how they are going to the dentist to make sure they stay healthy. Unless they seem afraid, avoid saying things like “It’s not that scary” because that sets up an expectation that a trip to the dentist is something to fear.
  • Learn
    We are committed to dental education and we take an active role in teach children the importance of good dental care. We will help your child learn to brush and floss his teeth, and we will answer any questions he may have. We also offer fun video games and videos on our website to help him learn about dental health issues in a fun and interactive way.

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